wMVY Tribute to Kate

It would be hard to know Kate without knowing her love of the vineyard, or music. Earlier this year, on Monday,​ January 19th, wMVY (the world-renowned radio station based on island) played a tribute to our dear friend Kate with an hour-long​ ‘virtual hot seat’ organized by Linda Schwefler Stevens and her husband Chris. I can’t thank them enough. It was such a beautiful and fitting tribute. It was intimate​ and personal and as so many songs have made me stop in my tracks thinking about Kate- this list was a perfect core of songs to remember​ and honor Kate with.

The list of songs chosen to pay tribute to our beautiful friend could not be more perfect. I’ve taken the liberty of presenting them here, as Youtube videos, and I’ve included the link to a Spotify playlist of each song featured. After learning of the loss of our dear friend Kate it was music which would magnify my heartache, as so many songs reminded me of her. In the year since we lost our dear friend much of the music included in the tribute has helped me smile thinking of Kate as I walk to work, or while I do the dishes, or just find myself missing her. Additionally,​ I’ve included two songs below that make me think of Kate, please comment with any songs that make you remember, remind you of, or miss our dear friend and we’ll continue to update the playlist.



















to listen to the song selection as it played, click here

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