The Irish-born Imelda May – Rockabilly meets Swing with a healthy dose of seduction

Couldn’t listen to this all the time, but it’s unique and fun sometimes. She’s pretty talented.

“Imelda May: Don’t step on my red suede shoes:  Record companies didn’t get Imelda May and her mix of retro sounds. Did that put her off? Not at all. And now they are taking notice.
Back when Imelda May was toiling around the pub circuit, unsure if she would ever be more than a session singer and bit-player in the retro music scene, she was given a lot of well-meaning advice. She was told to stop mixing jazz, country, rock’n’roll and rhythm and blues, and focus her sound in one direction. Above all, she was urged to abandon rockabilly. “Lots of people told me to get rid of it,” she recalls. “Even people who like rockabilly said it’s the kiss of death – it’s not popular, it hasn’t been popular for years.” The Guardian, February 2011

Off her new 2011 album “Mayhem”. 
Imelda May – Kentish Town Waltz

Imelda May – All For You (very cabaret)

Imelda May – Big Bad Handsome Man (off of her 2009 album “Love Tattoo”)

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