Ryan Adams Covers Bryan Adams’ “Summer of ’69” at Ryman Auditorium Show



It’s been twelve years since the infamous incident at Nashville’s Ryan Auditorium, in which Ryan Adams kicked out a fan for his constant heckling and requests for “Summer of ’69”, which IS NOT BY RYAN ADAMS.

In a streak of bad luck, another heckling incident occurred four years ago. This time Ryan stopped the show and fought back saying, “Keep talking shit, motherfucker… Come up here, then talk it to my face. Get up here! I dare you.” The heckler stopped, and the show went on.

Basically, things were just weird for Adams and the Ryman, up until his two night stint there this week. (Jason Isbell sat in – I am still dying to see him play). I’ve seen Ryan live before, and he does have a great sense of humor. He finally delivered on playing “Summer of ’69”, which happens to be one of my favorite songs, and it was great. He, alongside Natalie Prass, also covered “She’s Like the Wind” off the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, which, let’s be honest, was like my all-time favorite soundtrack when I was younger.

Ryan Adams – “Summer of ’69” (Bryan Adams)

Ryan Adams ft. Natalie Prass – “She’s Like the Wind” (Patrick Swayze)

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