Raspy Soulfulness from Brandi Carlile

Be sure to check out Brandi Carlile’s new album Bear Creek, which just came out this month. My current favorite track, “That Wasn’t Me”, happens to be the big single off of the album. Her voice reminds me of Susan Tedeschi’s with its raspy soulfulness, and her singing-songwriting skills really shine on this album.

“That Wasn’t Me”

Another gem off of Bear Creek — “Hard Way Home”

I also recently read something interesting about Brandi, which just makes me respect her even more. She started something called The Looking Out Foundation in 2008, which receives a dollar from every ticket sold at a Brandi Carlile concert. The foundation supports many notable causes, including MusiCares, RED, the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Sweet Home New Orleans, Fight The Fear Campaign, and the United Nations World Food Programme, amongst many others. She has said that she and her band believe those in the public eye have a social and moral responsibility to contribute to humanitarian efforts.

When I heard her name again recently, I remembered her huge 2007 hit “The Story” and how powerful her vocals really are.

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