On the Record: An Interview with Austin’s Multi-Instrumentalist Extraordinaire Emily Wolfe

Meet Emily Wolfe, the talented songwriter, singer, guitarist, drummer, percussionist, pianist, multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire straight out of Austin, TX.  This very talented lady teamed up with producer Mike McCarthy (Spoon, …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, and more) earlier this year to record 11 new songs.  Check out the below preview of the Indie Pop Rock EP Mechanical Hands, set to debut this May.  Enjoy, and keep your eyes peeled!  I’m predicting nothing but success for her.

You play a handful of instruments. Do you have a favorite? Which did you learn first?
Guitar is my main instrument but I started learning to play drums around the same time when I was seven.  I’d consider both instruments my favorite for different reasons.  They’re both cures for some kind of restlessness – whether it’s a good or a bad restlessness.  A lot of the time guitar is a cure for sadness or a compliment to love.  Drums are always a cure for a super-charged emotion that can’t get out any other way.

Austin is known as an important music capital. How has living there shaped you as an artist? 
The fact that there so many musicians in Austin is both daunting and inspiring – it makes me want to stand out as much as possible.  It makes me want be an innovator.  Live music is always going on here so I try to go see shows as much as possible.  Seeing so many other artists perform has taught me the do’s and don’ts of a performance.  It’s taught me how to connect with an audience in a way that invites people to be in the moment.  There’s something to learn from every performance – I’ve definitely noticed an energy cycle that defines the success of a show.  When a performer and an audience give the same amount of energy to one another, it’s hard to find that feeling anywhere else.

Are you ready for the widespread recognition you may gain with the debut? 
I’d love for this record to be well received.  It’s a goal of mine to create a new genre of music – something no one has ever heard before.  That’s more important to me than the recognition I think – creating something transcendent.

Do you have any plans to tour this summer? 
I plan on touring this year – I’m not sure where I’ll go or how I’ll get there but I’m going.  I’d love to come up to New York!

Emily Wolfe “Shadow Boxes

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