Miguel’s “Simplethings”

20140203-miguel-x1800-1391464457Check out Miguel’s “Simplethings” – the latest addition to the second soundtrack from the HBO series Girls.

In January, Girls creator Lena Dunham asked music supervisor Manish Raval to call Miguel up and see if he’d do something for the show, and he agreed. The quick result was the irresistible, can’t-get-enough-of-it, listening-to-it-on-repeat “Simplethings”. I’m a fan of the show in general, and their fantastic music choices are an added bonus. I’m constantly researching whatever I’ve just heard. I was instantly on board when I heard the the old-school buzzy rock guitar intro and the echo effects in “Simplethings”. Also reminds me of Prince at 2:02. Hope you enjoy.

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