Katherine Wilson, NYC Melody Founder, Gone Too Soon – To Live on through NYC Melody

If you’re reading this, then she rocked your life. Founder of NYC Melody, Katherine Wilson has passed away at the age of 33. Though you probably didn’t know it, Kate battled serious illnesses valiantly behind the scenes, including multiple sclerosis, chronic rheumatoid arthritis, multiple hip surgeries, a failing knee, a pained stomach, and much more. Kate chose to depart peacefully, on her own terms, on April 1st.image002

Kate’s passion was music, and NYC Melody was her baby – one that will live on as we now pass the microphone to Ryan Sedmak. A dear friend of Kate’s, and a fellow music journalist, Ryan shared Kate’s love for all things music. A partner in crime with Kate at festivals, work and in spirit, he “got” Kate, and he “got” NYC Melody. He will get you, and you will see Kate in Ryan’s work.

Kate will watch from the VIP section, along with all the legends she’s eulogized over the years.  Tom Petty. Gregg Allman. George Michael. Prince Nelson Rogers. Joe Cocker. JJ Cale. Bobby Blue Bland. Richie Havens. Ravi Shankar. And now Katherine Wilson. Music Journalist and TV Producer. Encyclopedia of melody. Friend to thousands. And family to the very, very lucky.

To borrow her own words when saying goodbye to Tom Petty, we are so very grateful to you, Kate, for giving us such a rocking 33 orbits around the sun.

We love you, miss you, and adore you, Kate.


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