Girls – A modern day twist on the music you grew up with

Absolutely love this band. This Pitchfork review is dead on: “We may eventually remember 2011 as the Year of Retro. Critic Simon Reynolds’ recent book on the subject tapped into a feeling a lot of people had but couldn’t quite pin down: In the age of the limitless archive, the relationship between new artists and their influences are changing… Their music pilfers from the past without shame but also manages to sound like no one else…. [T]hese are songs you’ve been hearing your whole life even when you can’t place them, and it’s sometimes startling just how specific the references can be.” It’s strangely comforting, but refreshingly unique and new. 

Girls – Honey Bunny (off of their 2011 album “Father, Son, Holy Ghost”) (~ the Beach Boys – totally reminded me of Fun, Fun, Fun – see below)

The Beach Boys – Fun, Fun, Fun

Girls – Love Like A River (~ The Beatles)

Girls – Hellhole Ratrace (off their 2009 debut album “Album”) (~ Elvis Costello)

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