British “Twee-Pop” Band Allo Darlin’

A serendipitous discovery… While reading some recent album reviews online, I came across the British indie-pop/twee-pop band Allo Darlin’, whose current members include Australian-born Elizabeth Morris (lead vocals, ukulele), Paul Rains (guitar), Bill Botting (bass) and Michael Collins (drums).  Their sound is California 60s guitar pop — Camera Obscura meets Belle and Sebastian meets The Smiths meets She and Him…
Their second album Europe (out in April 2012 by Fortuna Pop! in the U.K. and Slumberland Records in the U.S) floats through the air with a dreamy nostalgic energy that really comes through in the music and lyrics in “Neil Armstrong”, the most popular tune on this album, and “Some People Say”.

“Neil Armstrong”

Heard you say “They didn’t put a man on the moon / We just needed someone to prove all this floating’s worth doing” / Then why did you say that you miss a simpler time / Well so do I and I find myself pining for you…  There you go, out on the pavement walking alone / They could name a star after you and you’d still be complaining

“Some People Say”

Some people say / The stars and planets make their way / Some things can never change / Some people believe / You wish on satellites for your dreams / I wish some things would stay the same.

And my two current favorites off of their 2010 self-titled album:

“Kiss Your Lips” — Weezer comes to mind when I hear this one.

“Heartbeat Chilli” – When simple = beautiful.

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