A New Single From Prince? Apparently.

Prince is a living legend, an incredible performer, and a freakishly talented person.  He can play practically any instrument, dance his ass off, and strut around in high heels all while looking like a total bad-ass.  So, let it be known, I am a Prince fan.  I cannot, however, totally get on board with his new single “Screwdriver”, which, by the way, exists.  At the risk of being overly presumptuous, I’m going to assume you haven’t heard about it because of the total lack of fanfare surrounding its release.  I find its sound very un-Prince-like (as in, when it started, I was all like “wait, this is Prince? What is he trying to do here?”), but decide for yourselves.


Here are some examples of higher quality music from Prince, formerly known as the Artist, formerly known as Prince…  He’s generally anti-YouTube, so you won’t find much of his music on there, but here goes:

“Purple Rain” – one of the most beautiful songs of all time, and his guitar and vocal solos are obviously beyond impressive.


“Sign ‘O’ The Times”  I had to include this because it is a clear example of how talented he is. He can play virtually any instrument.

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