Musicians for a Trump-Free America

Need a reminder of why America is already great? Check out 30 Days, 30 Songs – a project “written and recorded by artists for a Trump-free America”. In a perfect exhibition of free speech, the very foundation of our country (please see the First Amendment), these artists have come together determined “to not be duped by Mr. Trump’s rhetorical contortions” and to motivate voters to do “the right thing these last few weeks before this most pivotal election” by voting Clinton and preventing “the apocalypse that would be Donald Trump as president”. 30 Days, 30 Songs will feature one release per day from October 10th to Election Day.

Here are some noteworthy releases so far:

Death Cab for Cutie “Million Dollar Loan”

Aimee Mann “Can’t You Tell”

El Vy “Are These My Jets”

R.E.M. “World Leader Pretend”

As told by Rolling Stone Magazine, “R.E.M.’s decision to participate in the [30 Days] campaign follows their spat with Trump in September after the Republican nominee used their 1987 hit ‘It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)’ at a campaign rally.”

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